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Cincy Glass is a recepient of the Keystone Insulating Glass (IG) Certification Program

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Insulated glass (IG) contains at least two panes of glass separated by a hermetically sealed air space.  The space can be filled with dehydrated air, or with a special insulating gas. The type of glass, coating on the glass, the type of spacer, and the type of gas used contribute to the overall insulating efficiency of the IG.

IG units greatly improve the thermal performance of windows and doors, significantly reducing interior heating and air-conditioning costs. In cold climates, IG units also reduce interior condensation, and increase comfort - especially near windows - maximizing your usable floor plan.

Insulating glass (IG) units are currently used in a wide range of applications such as:

-commercial/residential fixed and operable windows
-curtain walls
-sloped/overhead glazing
-nonvision (Spandrel) locations

Over the years, insulating glass use in both commercial and residential construction has steadily increased, and now the majority of all new and renovation construction today includes IG units. IG units not only save on monthly heating and cooling costs, but they also reduce the initial size and cost of the heating and cooling equipment required on a project.

212 West Fifteenth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202         Phone: (513)241-0455  Fax: (513)241-0507

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 Cincy Glass, Inc. is an insulated glass manufacturer  producing certified high end, high quality insulated glass.


Cincy Glass is a well known quality manufacturer of insulated glass to the residential window industry producing an environmentally sound unit with foam spacer and high performance low emissivity glass.    Cincy Glass can help in lowering the overall U-values while

decreasing condensation virtually eliminating mold and other health concerns.  Cincy Glass is certified by Keystone Certification for manufacturing double and triple pane units to help your company reach its performance goals.

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Cincy Glass, Inc. 212 West Fifteenth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202         Phone: (513)241-0455  Fax: (513)241-0507